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Heft 165, August 2010, 74. Jahrgang

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Stefanidis Panagiotis


The Covering of Torrential Streams Inside Urban Regions and the Problems that this Creates (Example: The Torrent Dendropotamos of Thessaloniki) Northern Greece

Covering torrential streams in urban areas have created flood disasters several times in the past. In the region of Dendropotamos, intense flood phenomena were expressed in the years 1950, 1972 and 1976. Such disasters have been also marked in other regions of our country where torrential streams cross smaller or bigger urban centres. Characteristic of this are the flood disaster of torrents in Attica in 1977, 1993 and 1994 (Podoniftis, Kifisos). The purpose of the present work is to determine the torrential environment (potential) of the watersheds of Dendropotamos, the investigation of the existing situation in the region (man-made interventions inside the beds, taking cross-sections of the pipes and also the embankment of valley beds to control the capacity to cross the expected discharge) and finally proposals for the management and control of mountainous watersheds to prevent flooding according to the existing situation. The present work shows that the small percentage of forest vegetation in the region and the durable geological support combined with intensive man made interventions have increased the risk of flooding in the region dramatically. Finally the effort of configuring a new flood-preventing bed is considered unfeasible because it requires expensive expropriations and creates serious social problems. Therefore, since the only solution to reduce the floods is the application of combined forest technique correction system with works which will always be founded in the mountainous basins.

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Prof. Dr. Stefanidis Panagiotis
Faculty of Forestry and Natural Environment, Institute of Mountainous Water management and Control, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Univ. Campus
PO Box 268
54124 Thessaloniki, Greece