Studienreise 2007 - Norwegen
Study trip 2007 to Norway

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Heft 157, Dezember 2007, 71. Jahrgang

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Skolaut Christoph


From the editor

In 1979 a close relation between experts in avalanche control of Austria and Norway started when Josef Hopf and Karstein Lied met at a conference in Colorado for the first time. During the years several exchanges of experts have been made and knowledge on both sides grew rapidly. During the field trip in 2007 a young generation of experts in the field of avalanche control from the Austrian Service for Torrent and Avalanche Control and from the BFW cultivated and intensified the friendship with their Norwegian colleagues. Even if the difficulties on avalanches in both countries are nearly the same the methods applied vary widely based on frame conditions in both countries like density of population, frequency on endangered roads, etc. This issue of Wildbach- und Lawinenverbau should help to carry out the different approaches in avalanche hazard mapping, on avalanche control measures and in the field of torrent and flood control. A journey in pictures at the end of this issue will help to round off the picture of a scenic and competent technical trip in the western part of the fascinating country of Norway. Thank you Karstein, Ulrik and Krister for guiding us during this week.

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