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Heft 165, August 2010, 74. Jahrgang

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Integrated River Basin Management and Flood Risk Management in the Light of Mountainous Hydronomics in Greece

The year 2000 was a milestone for the Water Resources European Policy. The new Directive 2000/60/EC that came into force is an innovative framework directive which sets the issue of water resource management and protection on a new basis. The perspectives introduced are huge and the strategies that member states are obliged to develop must be thoroughly elaborated so that objectives are achieved. In addition, Directive 2007/60/EC was published by the European Commission in 2007, with the aim of enacting a common framework for flood hazard within the European Union threatening human health, environment, property and economic growth. The harmonization and implementation of the two directives within the member states legislation will significantly contribute both to the rational water resource management and the protection of the natural and man-made environment. This paper investigates the integrated river basin management in Mediterranean countries, such as Greece, as well as the flood risk management in the light of mountainous hydronomics.

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