Studienreise 2007 - Norwegen
Study trip 2007 to Norway

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Heft 157, Dezember 2007, 71. Jahrgang

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Anker Franz , Streit Martin


Torrent and Flood control in the Norwegian Fjord Lands from the Austrian point of view

Technical Services in Flood and Torrent control are young traditions in Norway. In former days Norway was poor, just with the fish-breeding industry and the oil rush more money came into the country. Living at all was and is still very expensive because of the extreme climate and limited land use possibilities especially in the fiord land. The country is sparsely populated with a density of on average 14 people per km². A feature of most Norwegian rivers is their large catchments areas. The hydrological regime is influenced by the northern location of the country, with long winters having low runoff and snowfall accumulation and high spring flows due to snowmelt. High autumn and winter flows are also experienced in the milder coastal climate in the west of the country.

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DI Anker Franz
WLV Pinzgau
Schmittenstraße 16
5700 Zell am See
DI Streit Martin
Forsttechnischer Dienst für Wildbach- und Lawinenverbauung, Gebietsbauleitung Ost- und Weststeiermark
Conrad-von-Hötzendorfstraße 127
8010 Graz