Lawinenwinter 1999 - Erfahrungen und Konsequenzen in den Alpen, Tagung - 18.-20.06.2009, Galtür
Avalanche Winter 1999 – Experiences and Consequences in the Alps, Conference - June 18-20, 2009, Galtür, Austria

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Heft 162, Juni 2009, 73. Jahrgang

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Avalanche events of winter 1998-1999 in France, the Chamonix disaster and its consequences

In France, the death of 12 people in chalets destroyed by the avalanche of 9 February 1999 on Montroc, a hamlet of Chamonix, has led the authorities to rethink plans for the prevention and safeguarding against the risk of avalanches. The main changes relate to the knowledge of phenomena and their localization but also preventive measures in national planning.

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