Lawinenwinter 1999 - Erfahrungen und Konsequenzen in den Alpen, Tagung - 18.-20.06.2009, Galtür
Avalanche Winter 1999 – Experiences and Consequences in the Alps, Conference - June 18-20, 2009, Galtür, Austria

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Heft 162, Juni 2009, 73. Jahrgang

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Kleemayr Karl

Konsequenzen für die Lawinenforschung


Consequences for avalanche research

The scientific consequences induced by the extreme avalanche event of Galtür 1999 are numerous. Some of them can be directly linked to the event and research activities have been initiated as a direct consequence to the event. Other developments - like modelling concepts in avalanche fluid dynamics - are going on continuously. They have been influenced more indirectly by delivering a new scientific attitude. Both types of consequences will be summarized in the presentation. As a first direct consequence of the event, the personal resources of the BFW (Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape, department of natural hazards) and WLV (forest technical service of torrent and avalanche control, simulation centre Schwaz) have been increased to create capacities for snow cover research, investigations on avalanche dynamics and to increase the simulation analysis intensity of hazardous events in general.

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